Dream Pop.

 Guitar, synth, drums, some pedals.

Sound References...

OG Depeche. XX. Flock of Seagulls. Thompson Twins.

1989 and beyond TayTay. A little Lorde. A little PJ.  

Some punk from Steve. We get "4AD," a lot.


We have a tight hour of original tunes which we love love love to play. Even just in our music loft - it feels oh so good. Occasionally, we hop on stage to play them, too! 

These days we are primarily interested in playing at special events, , non-traditional venues, festivals, etc. Our late night club days are pretty much behind us, lifestyle wise. But our most favorite thing is to play to a full crowd in the pocket of our demographic (in any type of venue) so we can all have a rad time, together. We just love playing our songs, together. Lots. Do holler. xx

GUITAR / VOCALS Stephanie M. Casey

DRUMS Steven Visneau

SYNTH Jeremy Elizabeth Johnson


A creative entrepreneur, a professional photographer and a multi-instrumentalist teddy bear converge...


We live in East Dallas and this band came together unexpectedly after a late-night bedroom performance was posted on Facebook. We've all been in other bands over the years so between us bring lots of writing, touring, and recording experience to this project.


Stephanie / Fall of Snow

Steve / Slowride, The Queers, The Trainrobbers

Jerm / George Quartz

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